We were hacked – Please help us stay in touch!

By October 23, 2014 Blog No Comments

Hi Postcard Radio (PCR) supporter,

This is just a quick note to ask for your help.

For those who’ve been here recently, you will have noticed that it’s changed a bit. This was somewhat forced on us after the site was hacked and corrupted by a very apologetic person who was trying to prove that they could destroy someone’s website. In the process of this “creative endeavour”, we lost all of the email addresses of those who supported us, wanted to stay updated on happenings and events, or generally liked following PCR’s story.

We’ve posted this because you are one of these people and we’d love to stay in touch with you more effectively. Thanks for visiting our site again,  we’d love you to enter your email address above in the “Signup for Postcard Radio eNews” (located just under the “Welcome to PCR” video on the left, toward the top of the page) so that we can stay in touch.

This will allow us to keep you informed of events such as our upcoming Present Future Conversation, in conjunction with Churches of Christ, with Ash Barker. Attached are the details for the conversation we’ll be having with Ash around the power of suffering to draw us into asking the risky questions about what matters in life and how we can begin a journey towards transforming the world through compassion for ourselves and others.

For those who are interested in running or are part of a small group and/or simple church, we’d also like to let you know that we’ve recently launched a separate website for this kind of information/discussion called Ourpathway. Have a look to find material for group discussions, how to…. info and other resources.

Remember that you can follow us on Facebook too as Postcard Radio.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We appreciate your support and look forward to staying in touch into the future.

The PCR Team.