To go to the offices at the end of the earth

By April 16, 2015 Blog No Comments

“Is it ok to go through your entire professional career not leading someone to faith in Christ and still be a Christian?”

This is the question that was posed to me by a friend, as together we wrestled with what it means to be a follower of the way of Jesus in the current work environment.

We’d spent some time listening to a speaker who had shared their story of seeming downward progression in the work force to enable himself to be in the place he believed God had called him, to be able to openly share his faith and encourage others to find that same faith.

As we discussed what we’d heard, we reflected back on our shared evangelical heritage and the many admonitions that we’d received to not be ashamed to preach the Gospel and bear witness to Christ, even if it brings ridicule! We also acknowledged how this pressure had made us reluctant to do this very thing and had, in some ways, created a guilt about our failure to live this way.

And so the question arose. What does it mean to “preach” the Gospel, making disciples of all Nations where I work?

I think one answer has to lie in an understanding that the Gospel had to be some kind of “good news”. What does it mean for us to live as Ambassadors of Good News about the entry of God’s Kingdom into this part of the world that we are in?

What is the good news that we’ve encountered that has caused us to put our trust in Jesus and what relevance and impact might it have in our work roles and in the lives of those who work with us?

I heard a great quote the other day that “An Evangelical is someone who when they leave the room, you have more hope than when they came in the room”.

It doesn’t mean that everything has to turn out “ok” but hope is the belief that God will turn up in the midst of whatever is going on.

And I wonder how much of this had to be grounded in love. Love of God and neighbour. The capacity to love as I have been loved.

I wonder if this is what it means to preach the Gospel? To love extravagantly in order to birth or strengthen hope, to enable the Spirit to generate faith, as I walk out the door?