Cheerleading 1 – God drives us towards others

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This latest podcast sees us shift gears a little and begin to focus on the basics of what it means to be a cheerleader in terms of helping others find and develop their faith in God.  The guys look at the idea that chasing after God ultimatly leads us into greater relationships with other people.  In fact they suggest that loving other people is how we go about loving God.

Not yet missional

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Mike Frost

This is a short 20min talk Mike gave at the ten year anniversary of his group, ‘small boat, big sea’.  As always Mike makes a lot of sense out of what should be our main focus and challenges some of the entrenched thinking that has bogged down many of us who have spent our lifetimes trying to marry evangelism with social justice.

Defining “missional”

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How would you define “missional”?  I would identify 3 characteristics which, combined, indicates that a person or a community is being missional.

Missional is Incarnational.  To be incarnational is to spend time with “sinners” (Luke 5:29 – 32 and 15:1); Jesus was present on a regular basis with people who needed God’s grace and love.  To be missional means taking the time to sit down with those who do not yet know God, to be involved in their lives, to participate in their activities, and to earn the right to share one’s own experience of life lived by faith in Jesus. To be missional takes time! Read More

Shut up and listen

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It was René Laennec, the inventor of the stethoscope who famously said, “listen to your patients, they are telling you how to heal them”. I was reflecting on this quote as we prepared to launch another year. Read More

Welcome to The well

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Throughout this website you will find a range of opinions, expressed in written and spoken word. But this page is all about what we believe.

Feel free to comment upon what is expressed on this page. If the confines of a web-page are too restrictive for you then maybe a chat over a coffee/beer might be better suited? Please let us know!