Dancing with the Future

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I recently had a long conversation in my backyard with a bunch of my neighbours about how they ended up in the careers that they are currently in.

One guy told a vivid story about how he stumbled into a job straight out of school and had basically learned his trade on the job.  He worked away in the same job until something unusual would happen.  His boss would walk in and offer him a job in another city, or his company got bought out by another one and he got a redundancy, or even his wife wanted to move country and so he was forced to make a change.  In short he extolled the virtue of ‘taking life as it comes’, a sort of ‘wait for life to happen to you’ philosophy. Read More

The Habit of Projection

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In my travels, I have found that people have this destructive tendency I call the habit of projection. Basically, it means that we take the experience of a part and project this to define our perception of the whole. Where I see it often is at fast food places. Sometimes, we can allow one bad coffee, or one lot of soggy fries, or one mistaken order to influence our perception of the whole company. When we hear the name of that company, we associate it with that negative experience. Read More

On Preaching

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Here’s a small portion of an interview I found a while back. Mike Breen is a pastor who developed the LifeShapes material for spiritual growth, and it’s well worth checking out the ideas if you’re a church leader and haven’t heard of them before. I was interested in this little bit for what it said about preaching and discipleship though.  Read More

Spirituality for the Time Poor

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Here are some thoughts that struck me recently:

  • Most people I know are time-poor
  • Life is busy enough but on top of everything else we as Christians are supposed to do a whole lot of spiritual stuff (read the Bible, pray, serve others, do church)
  • God doesn’t want us to fulfill our worldly responsibilities half-hearted (work, partners, children, community) so it’s not really an option to cut back on those

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