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Many people might think of Australia as a Christian nation, but the reality is that relatively few Aussies consider themselves passionate followers of Jesus and his ways. We like it when Jesus tells us to love those who are close to us, but we aren’t as impressed when he tells us to love our enemies in the same way. We like it when Jesus calls for the poor to be fed but don’t like when he asks us to pay for it.


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Monks, Cheerleaders, Activists

If you have arrived at this site then you probably have some idea of what Postcard Radio is and that we focus on three core ideas, the notion of being Monks, Cheerleaders and Activists. Here’sa brief explanation of the idea behind these motifs.

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What is A Big Year?

So far over 500 people are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world by living differently. These people have signed up to the challenge to spend a year living the way of Jesus.

Based on the idea that we need to act ourselves into a new way of thinking, the Postcard Radio project, known as A Big Year, provides a way to intentionally practise the teachings of Jesus.

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The Meaning of the Resurrection

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Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day when we remember the death of Jesus. It is, of course, followed by Easter Sunday, the day when we eat chocolate to celebrate the resurrection. There is no doubt that the resurrection is central to Christian faith, but what does it really mean? Renowned theologian N.T.Wright discusses this question in this excellent article. The text follows (or click on the link) and I encourage you to read it and ponder it this Easter. May God bless you as you seek him. Read More

Keep your eye on the Ball

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(A Series on the Kingdom of God: Part 1)

“Keep your eye on the ball!” is a typical comment heard in any sporting activity that uses a ball in its game.   For me, it’s the phrase I use constantly as I try to teach my 3 year-old and 6 year old grandchildren how to play golf. There are so many distractions, even at a golf driving range, let alone an actual golf course. Over the years I have played with lots of golfers (mostly “hackers” like myself) and have seen the many distractions that keep them (and me) from becoming better golfers. Read More

Cheerleading 1 – God drives us towards others

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This latest podcast sees us shift gears a little and begin to focus on the basics of what it means to be a cheerleader in terms of helping others find and develop their faith in God.  The guys look at the idea that chasing after God ultimatly leads us into greater relationships with other people.  In fact they suggest that loving other people is how we go about loving God.

Not yet missional

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Mike Frost

This is a short 20min talk Mike gave at the ten year anniversary of his group, ‘small boat, big sea’.  As always Mike makes a lot of sense out of what should be our main focus and challenges some of the entrenched thinking that has bogged down many of us who have spent our lifetimes trying to marry evangelism with social justice.

Defining “missional”

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How would you define “missional”?  I would identify 3 characteristics which, combined, indicates that a person or a community is being missional.

Missional is Incarnational.  To be incarnational is to spend time with “sinners” (Luke 5:29 – 32 and 15:1); Jesus was present on a regular basis with people who needed God’s grace and love.  To be missional means taking the time to sit down with those who do not yet know God, to be involved in their lives, to participate in their activities, and to earn the right to share one’s own experience of life lived by faith in Jesus. To be missional takes time! Read More