Finding and following your calling resources

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In conjunction with Churches of Christ Qld Centrifuge Conference, we have put together a number of resources to help you explore the ideas of Vocation and Calling.

These resources can be found in two parts. The first section contains resources for individuals wanting to explore this idea of living a meaningful life, where work is something more than what we just do to pay the bills or support our real passion.

The second section contains material for businesses and organisations to use in creating the best environments for their people to flourish and connect who they are with what they are doing.

For both of these groups, there are some fantastic organisations who are investing deeply into this area and whose resources we drew together here for this resource sheet.

Theology of Work Project

The Centre for Faith & Work

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

 Individual Resources

Q Ideas – Constraint & Consent, Career & Motherhood

3 things to know about finding calling

5 ways to pursue your calling without wrecking your career

Theology of Work Project – Workplace Resources Page

Tim Keller – Why Work Matters

Organisational Resources

How we can equip our people for God’s work in the world

Connecting Worship & Work – Suggestions for bringing the two together

Moving Church culture 1 degree

The Centre for Faith & Works Resource Page

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics Resource Page

Dr. David Miller – Business as a Second Language