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Finding and following your calling resources

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In conjunction with Churches of Christ Qld Centrifuge Conference, we have put together a number of resources to help you explore the ideas of Vocation and Calling.

These resources can be found in two parts. The first section contains resources for individuals wanting to explore this idea of living a meaningful life, where work is something more than what we just do to pay the bills or support our real passion. Read More

The Kingdom of God: a living language

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A Living Language and a Language Lived
Access to the Kingdom of God through the Kingdom Community
By Randy Edwards

Over the course of my academic career (if you include High School), I have studied five languages other than English (of which I have learned two – American and Australian). Of the four non-English languages, three of them are no longer spoken: Latin, Greek, ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. The other is German which is still a “living” language. However, most languages are not simply living but are lived, and this critical distinction is particularly valid for the language of the Kingdom of God. When the language of the Kingdom is lived out, people learn this new language and come to understand it. Read More

The Kingdom of God: a rose by any other name

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A Rose by any other name . . .
By Randy Edwards

As a gardener I am a complete failure. My wife would be the first to affirm such an assessment. So when we moved out of our 2-bedroom unit in the city into a house with lawns and gardens last year, I made a deal with her. I would look after the pool and the lawns, and she would look after the gardens. Why? Because I am absolutely hopeless in flower gardens. Read More

The Kingdom of God: to be or not to be

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“To Be” or “Not to Be”: That is the Kingdom Question!
By Randy Edwards

What does it mean to be a good citizen of a country? In recent years the arrival of immigrants from overseas has put pressure on 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Australians to speak of what it means to be a “true blue Aussie.” Are they ones who take up citizenship? Are they the ones who pay their taxes and vote? Are they those who have passed the citizenship test? Are they the people who are loyal to Australian government regardless of its domestic or foreign policies? What defines a real Australian? Read More