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Walking the road of life

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Having had some experience in my workplace with the use of finger labyrinths as a meditation device, I was keen to attend the recent Postcard Radio event, giving the opportunity to walk a labyrinth.

Rev Rick Zweck gave us a wonderful introduction to the use of labyrinths throughout history, and across the world, drawing a wonderful link between a pilgrimage walk and that of the labyrinth. Read More

Are you walking the beat or behind the desk?

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I was recently looking back through some old photos and came across a photo of my Swearing in as a Queensland Police Officer back some 25 years ago. They were great memories and made me reflect on the huge amount of training and study that went into getting me to that point.

It made me think about how amazing it was to get to that point. But also the harsh challenge that we were not trained to just get to the swearing in ceremony but for a greater cause. We couldn’t just get our uniform on, strap a gun to our side, get our badge in the pocket and then sit behind a desk. We went through that significant process to leave the Police Station. Read More

Finding and following your calling resources

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In conjunction with Churches of Christ Qld Centrifuge Conference, we have put together a number of resources to help you explore the ideas of Vocation and Calling.

These resources can be found in two parts. The first section contains resources for individuals wanting to explore this idea of living a meaningful life, where work is something more than what we just do to pay the bills or support our real passion. Read More