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Bringing in the Summer

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Much of the time when Jesus was on his preaching circuit he was telling people about “The Kingdom of Heaven.” A world of peace, love, joy, compassion, generosity, justice and so on. A world so priceless that people would sell everything to be a part of it. A world as powerful and transformational as a pinch of yeast in a pound of dough. And the good news Jesus preached was that this incredible kingdom – God’s Kingdom – is near, just around the corner, even making it’s presence known in subtle ways right now.

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Women and the Church

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I recently had the pleasure of being the guest speaker at another church, and in conversation with one of the elders afterwards (while sipping the usual Nescafé Blend 43 and eating an iced vovo) I discovered that they don’t allow women to preach. Now before I go any further, it’s worth making a very strong note that I am not going to lay out what I think on the matter in this very short article, nor give a theological treatise on the topic, nor is anything I say necessarily the perspective of PostcardRadio. My intention is just to open up the topic, so that you our intelligent readers can have the conversations, because I believe it’s an important conversation to have.

Now a few observations. First, without going into any of the details, it needs to be said that the culture in first century Palestine where the church first started is not the same as the culture of 21st Century Australia. With that in mind, the answers the New Testament church came up with to various questions (including this one) may not always fit as snugly in our world today. Whatever answers we come up with today (to any of the “how to” questions) need to reflect both the way of Jesus and the needs of our own culture. I’ll leave you to nut that one out.

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Support for Simple Churches

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I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with someone in the middle of a kids festival before. Strangely enough I’ve found myself in this situation quite a few times – twice even in the last week. The first time wasn’t planned though. It was meant to be a relaxing conversation with a friend at the peaceful Powerhouse cafe overlooking the Brisbane River. Turned out the Powerhouse was in the middle of their big school holiday festival. Look out for it next time if you’ve got primary-aged kids. Give it a miss if you want a quiet conversation. And maybe check the weather too, like we didn’t.

Still, in between dodging little kids with gluey hands and trying to stop the rain from diluting our cappuccinos, we managed to have a conversation worthy of the cheerleader tag. The gentleman I met with has been involved in starting a simple church group over the last year or so. When I say “simple church” I mean it doesn’t have organised services or paid staff. It’s a small group of people who are keen to follow Jesus and are flexible in how that might look for them. Actually, sometimes I wonder if “simple” might be a bit misleading. My church lately has been having quite a few of our Jesus conversations in amongst rain and gluey kids.

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The Kingdom of God: a living language

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A Living Language and a Language Lived
Access to the Kingdom of God through the Kingdom Community
By Randy Edwards

Over the course of my academic career (if you include High School), I have studied five languages other than English (of which I have learned two – American and Australian). Of the four non-English languages, three of them are no longer spoken: Latin, Greek, ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. The other is German which is still a “living” language. However, most languages are not simply living but are lived, and this critical distinction is particularly valid for the language of the Kingdom of God. When the language of the Kingdom is lived out, people learn this new language and come to understand it. Read More